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About Us


fashion designed for you. clothing designed for the planet.

Our Company

Kastlfel challenges the status quo to find new ways to make things better by making better things.

We craft design-forward, sustainable apparel that embraces and values creativity, fashion, innovation, and responsibility. The clean designs of the Kastlfel collection appeal to individuals that have a unique taste for fashion. We are inspired by understated basics that can be worn in any situation. All of which has transformed us into a lifestyle brand with a conscious trademark. We are insuring that - from here on out- you’ll not only be able to feel good about the clothes you’re wearing, you’ll look damn good doing it.

Kastlfel is built on transparency, which is established through a conscious decision to know and understand the impact of our actions. It is through our involvement with all phases of development - from concept to creation - that enables us to be 100% honest with you, our customers and our partners, about the impact our products have on the planet and its people - the good and the bad. We invite you to ask questions, never settle for the status quo, and join our movement to make the future better. Let’s begin.

Kastlfel Products. Your Support. Our Impact.




    rPet Clothing

    each original bottle tee saves over 6 (20oz) plastic bottles from the landfill



    Conserve Energy

    717,000 BTU’s of energy that would be used to produce virgin polyester



    Save Electricity

    201,300 kilowatt hours of electricity; enough to run an average home in CO for 24 years




    the Earthspun® yarns we use are manufactured in a solar-powered facility.



    Save Water

    when using Earthspun® yarn we save 4.5 gallons of water

let's work together

Help us. Help you.
Help everyone.
Together we can rebuild the kastle.


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