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Eco-Friendly Clothing

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Kastlfel is a challenger brand. We are a Colorado-native company that challenges the status quo to find new ways to make things better by making better things. We craft design-forward, sustainable apparel that embraces and values creativity, innovation, and responsibility. We embrace the modern work-hard play-hard mountain culture and have a let’s do this mentality. We are inspired by understated basics that can be worn in any situation. We currently turn plastic bottles into super-soft apparel printed with water-based inks. We pride ourselves on crafting better products and believe that form, function and innovation are an integral part of sustainable apparel.You’ll not only be able to feel good about the clothes you’re wearing, you’ll look damn good doing it.

We focus on quality and environmentally friendly production through all aspects of our company. Sustainability is in our DNA.

Kastlfel is built on transparency, which is established through a conscious decision to know and understand the impact of our actions. We are involved through all phases of development - from concept to creation. We see a day in which sustainable production practices are the norm - across the board, big and small alike. We believe in a future where the way things get made today has been radically changed and improved. A future where no employee and no environment has to pay the price for irresponsible practices with their purchases. That's the future we believe in and that's the future we at Kastlfel are making a reality.



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