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Sustainable Clothing

Sustainability Our Company


Behind our Sustainable Products

Our sustainable products are constructed using a four-step textile process that turns recycled plastic bottles into functional, comfortable duds that do right by the people that make them and wear them (that's you). We like to call this process Trash. Shred. Spin. Wear.™ All of our yarn is made by our partners who use the most efficient, eco-friendly processes. We pride ourselves on crafting better products and believe that form, function and innovation are an integral part of sustainable apparel. In conjunction with how our clothes are made, we also care about how are clothes are printed. Our R & D and sustainability team are working on developing new forms of eco-friendly print techniques and materials.

Our Partnered Facilities

We make our products from the ground up, managing every aspect of design and production: from the fiber we use, to spinning, knitting and cut-n-sew, we touch it all. We focus on quality and environmentally friendly production through all aspects of our company. All our facilities focus on minimizing waste, energy use, electricity, carbon emissions, and water. 

The Process

The process starts with you! All of those plastic bottles you have been recycling are being reused and made into something better. Thank you for already committing to the movement.

Trash. Shred. Spin. Wear.™ Our trademark to the process. It starts with collecting recycled plastic bottles. These recyclables are stripped of their labels and washed, and then shredded into tiny pieces. The tiny pieces are then melted down and turned into recycled polyester fibers. These recycled polyester fibers are blended with cotton and spun into our ring-spun yarn.  


Our Packaging

We try to limit our waste when we send you our goods so we moved beyond conventional packaging. We reduced the amount of material and all of our packaging is 100% recycled, recyclable & reusable. We also created our personal message out of seed paper and natural inks, so you can feel good about receiving our cards. Thanks to Bloomin Promotions, this paper is embedded with a handful of annual and perennial wildflower seeds. Soak the paper in water overnight. Cover with a thin layer of soil and keep moist until seedlings are established.

We also want to thank EcoEnclose for our 100% recycled packaging! You can check them out here.

EARTHSPUN®, the (e leaf logo shown), Soda Pop Green®, Beer Bottle Brown® are registered trademarks of Patrick Yarn Mill, Inc. For more information on Earthspun® certified recycled yarns vist www.earthspunbrands.com